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Our Story

Welcome to Mirra Masa, a pioneering women's fashion brand born in Calgary, Alberta. Founded by two visionary Calgarians, Mirra Masa is the embodiment of a unique fashion philosophy that marries minimalism with a refined edge. Our brand ethos centers on simplicity infused with distinct elements that enhance the overall aesthetic, creating styles that are both timeless and innovative.

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At Mirra Masa, we understand the dynamic lifestyle of our customers and strive to offer fashion that facilitates a smooth transition between various facets of their lives - from work to evening gatherings, and from formal events to casual outings. Our design philosophy starts with a minimalist foundation, to which we thoughtfully add refined details. These subtle yet impactful additions don't overpower the essential simplicity of our garments but rather enhance them, allowing for a closer appreciation of their uniqueness.

Our aim is to provide our clientele with the ability to effortlessly curate outfits that not only express their personal style but also exude a quiet confidence. Mirra Masa's pieces are thoughtfully priced and uniquely designed to make a refined statement in the world of fashion.


Our vision extends beyond just clothing; Mirra Masa is dedicated to inspiring a shift toward this elegant and balanced approach to style. Step into the world of Mirra Masa, where fashion transcends the ordinary clothes are not just worn; they are experienced, empowering you to showcase your identity with grace and distinction.